Oatmeal Turmeric & Honey (Orange Gold) Bath Bar


I call this bar Orange Gold because it is our next-level Oatmeal Bar .. for those that want the same power as our Original Oatmeal Milk n Honey Bar but with the added benefits of Turmeric. The light mandarin orange scent comes from 100% essential oils and is a favorite of both adults and children alike What’s in it? 3 powerful ingredients to round out this Bath Bar to totally take care of your skin, Oatmeal gently exfoliates, Turmeric fights inflammation and evens skin tone and the Honey provides deeper moisturization.

You’ve heard about the benefits of ingesting turmeric internally, well these benefits hold true with external use as well. Turmeric helps lessen inflammation, soothes itchy skin, and helps lighten dark spots at the same time. Its natural smoky scent goes well with just the right amount of mandarin orange to lift your spirits and you’ll love how you feel after each bath.

(color intensity may vary batch to batch because of the process)

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Marcia Jackson

I am a woman of a certain age 😏 Ok 76. I used the Oatmeal Turmeric And Honey with the Loofah Sponge. My skin has never been so soft. From Marcia

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Adrina Monet
I'm OBSESSED w/ Pudding Stone's 'Orange Gold' Bath Bar!

So I used Pudding Stone's 'Orange Gold' Bath Bar for the very 1st time yesterday and impressed is an understatement! She lathers up amazingly, thoroughly cleansing and refreshing every bit of my skin, and I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE that the right amount of Mandarin Orange is infused into each 'Orange Gold' Bath Bar as well for the perfect touch! I dare say that 'Orange Gold' is my fave Bath Bar out of the bunch!

Well done yet again Free (& your amazing Team)!

Natalya Singleton
Highly recommended

I love the soaps I have purchased. My skin feel soo soft and clean. Also, they're healthy to use. I highly recommend them.

tina pearaon
The Best!

I love this soap so much I have been gifting it to my family and friends.

The brand overall has served as a reminder for me to practice my self care more frequently.

Trenny Stephens
Sooo many things...

I'm in love with this soap. It nourishes the skin and doesn't dry it out. A little goes a long way with a lather that goes on soooo smooth. The scent is perfect not too much but just right. I've finally found the soap I need in my life. Go Free!!!

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